``````Tom Ring designed and decorated two houses for us: one in New York and the other in Asia. Both houses are of considerable size and required the coordination of a great deal of furniture, fabric, carpets and art. Tom provided detailed plans and accounting summaries.

``````Tom has a unique eye for color and textures. Once he has pulled all the samples, the fun begins. He is particularly adept in selecting and understanding what choices "speak" to his client, and is ready and willing to do any additional footwork. Both of our projects were extremely successful, and we have received many, many compliments on the interior design of our homes.

``````In addition to his considerable professional skills, Tom is a pleasure to work with. He has a calm, efficient and respectful demeanor, which was very evident on his trips to Asia. Also, Tom has a great sense of humor.....a necessity in the design business. We have high regard for his skills and ethics and wholeheartedly recommend his services.


``````Tom guided us through a major design and construction project that lasted nearly two years. He was with us every step of the way, from assisting us as we pored over architectural plans, to endless meetings with the contractor during the actual building process, through to the installation and delivery of every piece of furniture and all accessories. His suggestions on issues such as room layout and lighting schemes were always valuable and advanced the project in a direction that was in line with our needs and opinions. Tom brought a gifted artistic sensibility to the process; the colors, patterns and textures he suggested were invariably innovative and beautiful and we ended up with a home that reflects our taste and pleases our eye much like a beautiful piece of art.

``````On the practical side, it’s hard to imagine a design professional with whom it would be easier or more gratifying to work with than Tom. Always warm and unflappable, Tom is the personification of the word “gentleman.” He never pushes his opinions on the client and always keeps in mind the practical aspects of the design project, as well as the needs dictated by the lifestyle of the family. Warm and funny, Tom is able to get along with everyone. We completely enjoyed every aspect of working with Tom on our home and would be thrilled to work on other projects with him in the future.

````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````Mr. and Mrs. RHS

``````Several years ago I said to my husband that I would only want to live in a home that Tom Ring had designed. Every space he creates is a beautiful, comforting place to be whether it is bathed in bursts of color or in muted tones of beige. After all, he is the one with the “eye” that can visualize a beautiful space within minutes of walking in.

``````After working on four projects with him; two pre-war apartments on the Upper West side of Manhattan, our modern house in Tokyo, and then our 5,000 square-foot 1810 farm house in Old Lyme Connecticut, we trust Tom to deliver a stunning and wonderful interior in a project of any size or style.

``````Tom does not dictate what you must have. He spends time getting to know your likes and dislikes and weaves your personal objets d’art into his plans. However, he once told us that he would never allow us to make a mistake which means that you can rely on his professionalism.


``````Tom Ring made the process of putting together a home a most enjoyable and creative experience. We were so reassured by Tom’s calm demeanor along with his vast knowledge of design resources and the wonderful ideas that he presented. Tom expertly guided us through many choices and ultimately he gave us a home that was exactly what we wanted in our minds but which we did not think was possible. In short he is a wizard!

````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````David Lewandowski